Webster's Adds New Word for Friend-Zoning Dermatologist | No Laugh Newsroom

Publicado el 12 oct 2021
Rekha interviews Lauren Lapkus on her winning entrant for the Biggest Hog Contest at the state fair.

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Comentarios: 429

  • Katie is simply unbreakable. We need a “Katie Cannot Win” episode

  • Katie has no soul, so she will never be beaten at this game.

  • Pro tip: Never, NEVER play poker if Katie is sat at your table.

  • "It wasn't a ride and we were being taken."

  • Knew Katie was going to win. It's more fun to see how big the margin is. But this is what I live for. Some major heavy hitters! Really tight scores. Nobody hit double digits. Did not expect Raph in last place.

  • I will never not be impressed by Katie's unbreakable pokerface.

  • Their faces when they realized they were committing to talking at the same time was my favorite 😂😂 and i always love the other ppl counting to make sure they hit the right number of improvised stuff

  • Lauren Lapkus was a wonderful surprise guest! Love her work🖤

  • Katie is well trained for this, She is unapollagetically weird for a living. They put her in all of their wildest scripts, This is quite tame compared to the fairly routine content she's involved in.

  • Katie is a fucking pro.

  • Is there anything in this world that’ll make Katie smile. Like… ANYTHING

  • Waffle house, the home for people banned from Denny's. Waffle house, we're cheaper than a DUI!

  • I would love to see Katie and Amy in an episode where it's their averaged scores against everyone else's 🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm pretty sure Katie is a robot. It's really amazing watching her rarely laugh.

  • Katie is on boss mode

  • I think Katie is just completely emotionless in real life.

  • Katie had it too easy this time! I would love to see her handle one of those improv bits. No one can not smile like Katie!

  • Various types of zones:

  • This was actually a really tight game. Even the loser only got 7 points.

  • I love how Raph and Trapp deliver their lines. Colorful and enthusiastic.