What It's Like To Date An Alien

Publicado el 2 feb 2021
Breaking up with an alien hivemind ain't easy.

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  • wow guess i'm early!! 😜 (ps sign up for dropout for just 17 cents a day - signup.dropout.tv)

  • I would see this as an absolute win. Complete knowledge of the universe packaged with love and cuddles!

  • She's understanding and their jokes are on point.

  • "So I pick?"

  • This is surprisingly wholesome for this series.

  • He was honest about potentially feeling jealous, and was willing to be left behind when he thought he was holding even one of her back from seeing as much of the world as she could. That's honestly better than most other relationships I've seen depicted in media.

  • That was an interesting concept. Never really thought about a multi conscious species being in the dating world.

  • This is basically asking someone out while they're around their friends

  • When a storm trooper has a better love life than me, it hurts man. It hurts in the feels

  • Even if all of the 37-year-old recently reproduced aliens leave Rich, he could still have a nice relationship with that plant / purple tentacle monster situated next to the door of his apartment.

  • Last time I was this early these sketches weren’t animated

  • Okay, she timed that perfectly. That’s evil, yet brilliant. Rich, never let her go.

  • Man, troopers is really getting me through quarantine

  • Does this relationship technically count as a polygamy?

  • so if her species reproduces by splitting into multiple beings at the exact age of 37 how come all the clones who are not 37 years old are splitting as well?

  • alien: i wanna see the universe

  • I was expecting not to laugh but this is actually really good.

  • I want nothing more from college humor to see more of this side story

  • This is why dating an alien wouldn't be all sunshine and cosmos.

  • Oh my God so relatable. When the alien said that they were with an AI I totally felt that