Why Girls Don't Fart...

Publicado el 20 feb 2008

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  • As a girl I can confirm that this is 100 percent legit

  • The REAL Chamber of Secrets.

  • Holy shit I didn't realise how long CH has been around

  • It’s more creepy when you think about why these guys are obsessed with only hearing this girl fart lol

  • Lunch break one day, I was in the break room with 2 female coworkers; I was the only dude. One of the gals burped really loud after her meal. She then quickly looked at me, got embarrassed, and mumbled "excuse me." She felt the need to be more "feminine" and "dainty" because there was a dude present. I thought that was the cutest thing. :P

  • When a woman feels comfortable enough to fart in front of you you know she loves you.

  • This turned into a horror movie really quick.

  • i remember watching this maybe 7/8 years ago with my mum, we both found it hilarious but the poop stain on the window always traumatised me

  • I’m a girl and I can confirm this is how we do it, we all have chambers in our basements like this too

  • It was scary, I'd rather have a girl who publicly farts than someone who becomes a demon everytime they go to the washroom

  • as a female i can confirm this to be 100% true

  • That's enough internet for today

  • This may be true in America, but here in Serbia, girls burp so loud they put even boys to shame.

  • My girlfriend farts all the time; especially in her sleep. It's not like a long drawn out fart but more like one really loud pop. I think that's because she has a big butt. The pop is so loud that sometimes it scares the shit out of me because I'm just about to go to sleep.

  • This gave me actual nightmares when I was 13.

  • That went from 0 to 100 horror really quick

  • As a female human I can confirm this is exactly what happens.

  • I like how she looks about 10 years older than a normal high school student......

  • Dude I remember being 8 and watching this and it scaring me to death

  • I remember watching this ten years ago and laughing my 10 year old ass off