Your Girlfriend's Six Friends

Publicado el 14 oct 2012
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The best buds you ever had no choice but to have.
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  • I laughed. Then I cried, not the fact that I don't have a girl friend, but I will never be as hot as the guy representation in this video.

  • What about the friend that has a crush on you and is actively trying to steal you away under your gf's nose?

  • This guy is the best actor hands down.

  • "I believe both my girlfriend and her friend are equally hot! , There is nothing wrong in that" lol

  • "The one you have a crush on" is no where near as attractive as the "girlfriend" you already have.

  • You forgot the friend who has a crush on you!

  • This is unrealistic because I don't even have six friends

  • The last part was oddly wholesome. Being friends with your girlfriend is definitely important

  • "And like any good friend, you'd do anything for her. Including putting up with her friends. After all, she puts up with yours."

  • Yeah, I suffered from the “guy friend,” as soon as me and my GF broke up they got together.

  • To the guys saying "no guy wants to be just friends with a girl" - how can that possibly be true? If my guy friend already has a girlfriend, are you trying to say he wouldn't value my company at all because he's already getting sex and otherwise I have nothing to offer him?

  • I thought I was the possessive friend

  • The problem was my girlfriend had 6 "guy bffs" and she was sleeping with all of them.

  • Honestly I’ve probably watched this multiple times a year since it came out. And all I can say is some of these older videos are absolutely amazing and show what ESmain really is. The angles and acting, and the writing / concept. Just crazy good.

  • This is extremely funny - very well written and insightful with great acting - well done.

  • The main guy looks like an exact combination of Josh Hutcherson and Neil Patrick Harris

  • Back when college humor was awesome!

  • "Your girlfriend's six friends"

  • The “guy friend” hit too close to home

  • My wife has 3. Best friend since college(great girl) 2. Best friend from work who always comes to me to assure me no other guys at work are hitting on her and vice versa and 1. Gay best friend who's a badass because he takes me shopping for clothes and buys me sunglasses